"I came to Longlands after a friend recommended the site to me. I love the friendliness of everyone at Longlands including the very helpful staff. I’m constantly telling people about what they are missing out on in this part of South Cumbria, with its fantastic views and very friendly locals."
Mr R Wallace
Thu 10th October 2019
Capture glorious autumn on camera at Longlands

THE season of sunsets is upon us here at Longlands.
A beautiful, still autumn is unfolding before our eyes at the park, with the golden light of October filtering across the Duddon Estuary every day.
As our longer term owners know, this is also the perfect time of year to capture magnificent skies and sunsets as they settle over the bay each evening - before enjoying a cosy and relaxing time in your home away from home.
Sue and all of the team at Longlands hope owners who manage to take a great photo of the season's sunsets will share them on Facebook or Twitter for all to see.
"The views from the park are beautiful all year round, but the whole team particularly loves autumn.
"The leaves are just starting to turn from green to shades of yellow and russet and the light is lovely. 
"It's such a wonderful time of year.
"It would be great to see any photos taken by our owners of Longlands in its autumn colours on social media. 
"We all love the sunsets here too - there's something very special about the dusk light over the bay - so we'd also love to see any images people have managed to capture while enjoying time away here."